Merry Elizabeth

Merry Elizabeth

Merry Elizabeth's purple flowers sat on my bench for a few weeks while I tried to figure out what to do with them.  The centers were yellow and orange bumpy beads and I just couldn't make anything work with them.  So I made new one with a golden transparent center striped with an encased stringer of deep yellow and gold.  Viola.  I made two bees to nestle in using the stringer I'd made for the centers.  I do believe what ties Elizabeth together though is the small, delicate yellow flowers with rich brown centers.  The leaves are made from a translucent, whispy piece of stained glass that while stubborn when cutting into strips, it melted like butter. 

This piece is named after my big sister, Mary Elizabeth.  We all call her Beth, and our Daddy called her Sookie.  Should I have named this piece Merry Sookie?  Nah, but Merisookie would be a great name for a little town.