Bones and Corona

Apparently the sky is falling. I look up and say to it, "Be careful where you land, you might break something. Then you'll be cloudy for days and days and daze..."

Then I'd say to the universe, "Gimme a break", but I don't think i could take another one.

Broken bone, canceled shows, so much uncertainty. But it's Friday and last I checked, nobody's canceled the weekend.

So I'll just kick back in my sling, take my pain killers like a good girl and keep a blind eye on the sky.

Because what else is there to do now?


Oh Happy Day!!!

If you read my last maudlin post, Keep, you know I deeply regretted leaving my mother's ancient old fudge and brownie pan in the trash pile.  Well, my brother went fishing for me and he found it!  It's an ugly old thing that hasn't been used in a long, long time and I think it's safe to say it'll never be used again, but this minute, I think it's the most beautiful thing I own. 

Okay, minute's up.  It's ugly.  Very, very ugly.

But I love it.


Today my sister and I emptied out our childhood house.  So much of my family's past all tangled up in spider webs and dust.  Because our mother saved everything.

Three piles of 60 years.  Keep, Donate, Trash.

All her angels were here and there and everywhere.  She loved angels.  There are so, so, so many.  Keep some.  Donate some.  None for the trash pile.

Old cookware.  Really old.  Mismatched dishes and glasses.  Keep some.  Donate some.  Trash some.


I am still here.   I haven’t gone anywhere.   This blog has been pushed far from my mind though.  Each time I’d try to find the time to write, I’d be too busy doing other things.  That was my excuse.  Truth is, I have not been inspired in a long, long time.  I won’t say my spirit is broken, but there are fractured lines of heartache and discontentment running through it like a dry riverbed that begged for rains that never came. 

Deep End


Long time no blog.  I even made a resolution last year to blog more.  That’s why I should not and usually do not make them.  Because when I do, those promises break and my good intentions go South.  I dive right in to a pool of broken promises.

Good thing I know how to swim.

2018 was a busy year for me.  I worked even harder than I did the previous year and it paid off.  I plan to do it again this year.  Always pushing myself.  Always digging deeper in, ever reaching. 

Swimming right along…




Just before leaving work today, I saw what I thought was a small swarm of gnats in the hallway. I followed them all the way out into the lobby, then outside the door. They were with me all the way home and in my backyard when I let the dogs out.

I am a very visual person. I need to see clearly when I'm working behind a 1600 degree flame.



When your mother looks you in the eye and tells you she has one last wish, you lean in close to make sure you hear every word of it.  Of course she tells you she wants to see her home again.  "Just one more time".

This is what my sister experienced a few weeks ago.  Broken hearted, she decided this wish would come true.

And it did today.

Night Nights

A few weeks ago, I embarked upon The Great Purge.  That's when I open boxes that have been hugging the ceiling for several years at the top of linen closets.  I found some interesting things.  Photos, seashells, cards and letters, toys and stuffed animals...

Memory after memory dug ruts in my cheeks and paper cuts assaulted my fingers as I devoured each sheet of paper, many with grades housed in felt tip circles along with a cutesy sticker or a hand drawn smiley face.

Come Here Often?

This week, I got on a little floral kick.  I have it in my head that I'm going to make a really showy, flowery, lei type necklace and I have absolutely no idea how to.  I did manage to make some flowers though!    

I made roses...


I made whatever this bloom is...

And all of these in one sitting today...

Now, see that little glass be in the top left corner in the picture above? 


Baby Daddy


I love this man.  After all, he cooks all our meals, he cleans, he does laundry and only watches the grainy black and white War channel when I'm not at home.

He rides his mountain bike every day and swims laps at least four times a week.  He does this to stay healthy and fit so he can keep taking care of me as we grow old.  Older.  Like losing our hearing old and going out to dinner at 4:00 p.m. old.

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