River Bond

Once upon a time, my Daddy gave me a very fine gift.  He wrapped it in pine needles, sandy soil, deer moss and tree bark.  20 acres situated on the Ochlockonee River deep inside the Apalachicola National Forest. 

Cheap Father's Day Dinner, Chardonnay, Emergency Rooms and Bad Mothering

Originally posted June 15, 2014 on FB

Good thing today isn't Mothers Day because I may just be the worst Mother ever. I'd say my chance at Mother-of-the-Year is as dead as the chicken we just shamelessly enjoyed. First, about that...

Sling Free

This is no lie, but I am feeling a little like Pinnochio right now!

I saw the Doc today and while I still have a bit of healing to do, he has released me from that horrible sling! I can't do any lifting for at least a month and I have a whole new exercise routine but I'm going to be a good girl and be 100% when I go back two months from now. OH...

I've got no sling
To hold me down
To make me fret
Or make me frown
I had a sling
But now I'm free
There ain't no sling on me





Little While Longer

With a heart and head full of hope, I went for my ortho appointment today.  

I was feeling mightly lucky too.

Cooks For Dogs

I haven't been able to make this with my arm all tangled up in a sling, but Mr. MoonDog is all too happy to bake them.  Truth is, he hates it when I'm in his kitchen and that is perfectly fine by me.


Dylan and Jameson's Tail Waggin', Square Dancin' Snack-a-Roos


1 cup organic whole wheat flour

1/2 of a 15 ounce can organic pumpkin (not pie filler)

1/4 cup finely chopped carrots

1 Egg from a well mannered chicken


I've Collapsed?

Covid 19 fallout keeps getting worse and worse.  Some of my upcoming art shows are canceled or postponed.  Not that I could do them anyway.  I know I wouldn't be able to do anything physical, but I'd be present, there in the back of my booth.  But that isn't what this blog is about...


I am addicted to these Little White Pills.  They are so much better than the other ones and I don't have to wait 4 to 6 hours for my next dose.

I think they are happy I'm all laid up and unable to do much of anything besides sit in this recliner with them piled up on me or beside me.

If there is a silver lining to breaking my arm, it is this. That I am forced to be still and I have one good arm to hold them with.  Hands down.


Oh $h!t

Bones and Corona

Apparently the sky is falling. I look up and say to it, "Be careful where you land, you might break something. Then you'll be cloudy for days and days and daze..."

Then I'd say to the universe, "Gimme a break", but I don't think i could take another one.

Broken bone, canceled shows, so much uncertainty. But it's Friday and last I checked, nobody's canceled the weekend.

So I'll just kick back in my sling, take my pain killers like a good girl and keep a blind eye on the sky.

Because what else is there to do now?


Oh Happy Day!!!

If you read my last maudlin post, Keep, you know I deeply regretted leaving my mother's ancient old fudge and brownie pan in the trash pile.  Well, my brother went fishing for me and he found it!  It's an ugly old thing that hasn't been used in a long, long time and I think it's safe to say it'll never be used again, but this minute, I think it's the most beautiful thing I own. 

Okay, minute's up.  It's ugly.  Very, very ugly.

But I love it.

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