The hour glass is nearly still

Twenty-two, good-bye

You were mostly kind to me

I'll kiss you as you fly

Tell the one that's coming

To gently settle in

And lay its claim with mercy

As we begin again

Another year to navigate

Please touch us with a peace

And bring this world a gentle calm

And bless us with a feast

Of kindness, wellness, warmth and wealth

Of love and heart felt cheer

I ask of you, Dear 23

Be this to all, this year












Well, this concludes Octoberfest for Mark Holt and me.   It was so worth it!  He winced and groaned when I showed him our show schedule a few months back.   It started in Pensacola 6 weeks ago but we had a weekend off before these 4 in a row:  Winter Park, Daphne, AL, Ocala and Destin.  We have 5 shows left but 3 are local including our home show. 

I'm trying to convince him to buy me an Airstream so we can just live on the road but he ain't feelin' it. 

Driver's Seat

Winter Park.  We've spent a lot of time in this town but this was our first time to exhibit at its Autumn Art Show.  I'd heard loading in and out can be a very difficult unless your booth is located on the street.  We were in the park on the grass which I much prefer.

This show is just absolutely wonderful.  You can read about it (and see pictures including a very ugly one of me) HERE

Sales wise, this was the best show I've ever done.  Ever.


May be an image of 1 person and indoor


Dear Queen Elizabeth,

Try me

I'm still doing everything.  Driving, cooking, cleaning, going to the gas store and all the other things he usually does...

Til now

One day at Costco behind a line of cars...

Mark Holt: No one is at that pump so go to that one.

Me: No, the gas hole is on my side.

MH: You can stretch the hose across the back to the other side. It's easy. I've done it a million times!

Me: No. I don't want to do that. I will wait for a pump on the other side.

MH: Seriously?

Drive to the pump of his dreams...

Me: Make that a million and one.

They Eat Better Than We Do

Currently, we have three "Fluffs" who are very loved and spoiled.  

Phoebe Trixibell just turned 13 and is a Maltese who is on the large side of the breed.  She is not a picky eater.  

Ankle Deep

I married a man with a bad ankle.  I think it all started when he was 16 and skipped school one day, went water skiing and ended up with his foot too close to the boat propeller.  Oh my.  Bet he wished he was sitting in his Trig class about then.


Yeah baby.  Our floors are done.

I love them.

We may never move.

And we can hear again.



It's June now.  We bought our land in February and I'm ready to build a house.  But first, we need to deal with the one we already own.

Before we sell it, we have to fix it...

The first thing to take care of has to be these nasty 23 year old wood floors.  They have been walked on, run on, rolled on, danced on, peed on, and yes, of course I'm talking about the dogs.  We humans walk on them daily but seldom run, never roll and sadly haven't danced in years.  

Wind, Rain and Booth 54

ArtsQuest in beautiful Destin, FL is always my last show of the Spring season.  I love it for many reasons but I'm always glad when it's over because that means I finally have some time to relax.  Just over 4 months until the next show.  

I never do Summer shows because of the heat which seems to bring many afternoon thunderstorms here in the South.  But mostly because of the heat...

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